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Our classic sorbet, made with mango pulp and sooo smooth - a favourite!


Fran's favourite. Made from orange pulp sourced from a great company in Somerset.


The classic sorbet of all time - but made from lemon pulp with a tangy fresh taste - also sourced locally.


The taste of summer - full of peachy flavour!


This is another recent fruit added to our arsenal! The best way to discover is to have a taste!


There's nothing like a real banana! Its like a smoothie made from bananas, only a sorbet. Really creamy and smooth.


Its a bit of a challenge getting (most) of the pips out, but its deep red colour and taste are extraordinary.


A new one - so new its not made yet! But will be shortly - and we have high expectations for its popularity.


An instant success with customers. A beautiful deep red colour with a deliciously delicate taste.


Like eating the fresh fruit this is another all time favourite.


Another new flavour - this has a real zing and taste which reflects the beautiful fruit it is.


People know when we're making this one as the smell of strawberries wafts through the parlour - the taste doesn't disappoint.


With a deep purple colour it sits in the cabinet and draws people to itself. And the response to the first lick is often "Wow"!


This is a sweet juicy sorbet  unlike the sharper flavour of a morello variety. Another favourite!


People can't believe this could taste so good! Its like a dark chocolately mousse, and tastes fantastic. Great for those with a dairy intolerance.

Our Sorbets . . . are all made using 50% fruit (except chocolate!) and contain nothing artificial or allergenic. Also, being fat free (except the chocolate, which has a very low fat content) they give a full on taste explosion. The colours are pretty amazing too, but no colouring is added - they are all the authentic colour of the fruit. So they go to make a great taste experience which keeps many of our customers returning time and again.

Damsons 02


Another winner addition tothe list. Made from puree with all the flavour locked in.


PINK GRAPEFRUIT : Check out this most recent addition, and already receiving great comments from our customers.