Can I purchase Gelato to take home?

Yes, we provide take-home packs in 500ml & 1 Litre packs. You can choose any flavour(s) we have in the cabinet (Max 2 for 500ml & 3 for 1 Litre). We do not deliver Gelato so it needs to be collected from the parlour, though by all means call us to order in advance. (We will require a deposit to take phone orders). When you collect, unless you live within 15 minutes of the parlour, we advise bringing a cool bag with ice packs in to ensure you get it safely home.

Do you cater for parties?

At the moment with Covid-19 restrictions we do not cater for parties. All product must be taken away from the parlour before it is consumed. When restrictions are lifted it will be possible to reserve our outside tables for group celebrations. Please contact us to discuss/make reservations. Reservations are not possible during peak times due to the impact it makes on the public walking along the terrace.

Do you open on Bank Holidays?

Though we are normally closed on Mondays, we do open on Bank holidays (11.00am ~ 5.00pm).

Do you ever open beyond 5.00pm?

During the summer season we remain open whilst we have a queue. We also remain open, normally on Fridays & Saturdays during the summer season, when the weather is good and there are enough people in the area to warrant it.

Do you deliver?

No. At this present time we are unable to offer delivery.

How do you ensure the safety and quality of your Gelato?

The purity and quality of our Gelato is our top concern. We only use top quality ingredients and are very careful how they are stored once made. We are well aware of the constraints of dairy products and keep careful check on the temperature of our freezers, hygiene of the servers, and the cleanliness of the whole parlour.

I am pregnant or have allergies.

The danger during pregnancy is the consumption of unpasteurised milk. All our milk is pasteurised at source and we also re-pastuerise it before we make the product. We are also very mindful of customers who have allergies. All our Gelato flavours have coloured stickers on their name labels, coinciding with a displayed key to the colours, showing any allergens present in them. Each flavour in the cabinet also has its own spatula for scooping which means the risk of any cross-contamination is very low. For those who have acute coeliacs we ensure we serve from below the surface of the product to ensure there are no traces of gluten from cones present. We also stock gluten free cones. We urge any customer who has allergies or concerns about them to talk to us before purchasing to ensure they can confidently eat whatever they purchase.

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