All of our ice cream flavours are carefully & slowly blended to perfection, containing just the right combination of sweetness, creaminess and crunch.


The flavours shown below are our classic range which are always in the cabinet - but there are many more (we make over 60 flavours).


Salted Caramel

This flavour has also become a favourite for many. A creamy smooth toffee base into which we add a touch of Malden sea salt which lifts the flavour and is really scrumptious.

Madagascan Vanilla

Made using the finest vanilla from Madagascar and including seeds. Many view vanilla as boring, but not ours! It is still the flavour which many use to determine the benchmark of the product.


We try to avoid all artificial colourings and flavourings when we make our gelato and our strawberry is a classic example with pieces of strawberry included. 

Signature Chocolate

We have tried several brands of chocolate in our signature chocolate gelato, but none has proven to be richer or tastier than this one! 

Toffee Honeycomb

Another firm favourite! Made with a toffee base and a generous helping of honeycomb pieces rippled through giving a real crunch when eaten.

Mint Choc

A real minty taste with stracciatella rippled through it makes this a firm favourite amongst old and young alike.

In addition to dairy based gelato we also make a wide selection of dairy-free and Vegan flavours. They all have a similar smooth, creamy consistency and have become very popular with our customers (the dairy-free chocolate in particular!)