Waffles & Other Things

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We are big on coffee and offer barista coffee, plus our own Signature Hot Chocolate (see reviews) and other beverages.

We have frequent comments that our coffee is the best in Bristol - we know that this is a very individual thing and dependent on people's taste - but it just seems a lot of people agree with that sentiment, and we are happy to concur!

Our other beverages include Hot Apple & Cinnamon and Ginger & Honey - both great for those chilly days when a mug-hugging warm drink fits the bill!


People come a long way for our waffles! They are large, crunchy on the outside and soft & fluffy inside!

We have a selection of six choices, or you can take the DIY track and decide what will make your perfect waffle.

The 9 'house' choices are:


Cinnamon & Apple

Toffee Fudge Indulgence

Maple Delight


Strawberry or Cherry Pavlova


Hazelnut & Nutella

Banana & Cinnamon


Milk Shakes

Two portions of Gelato - either the same or different flavours (your choice) blended with fresh chilled milk.