Our Story

It all started quite a few years ago when we collected our daughter from a small town in former East Germany, where she had gone to spend time improving her german. She took us to a small shed on a housing estate in which the owners made ice cream! The location was questionable, but they really knew how to make ice cream.

That started a conversation around the meal table when we got home and one of the children suddenly said, "Why don't we open an ice cream parlour?"


The idea didn't seem so preposterous at the time and, after a false start and several years later, we decided to take the plunge. After spending several months being trained by Italian Gelato chefs both in the UK and Milan we set about finding premises and opened shop!

Our mission from the very outset was to produce a truly artisan, Italian product using ingredients which had excellent provenance, and that is what we do. We buy our milk & cream from a West Country dairy where the cows are grass fed and the majority of our flavourings come direct from Italy - so we claim to make an authentic Italian Gelato!

We are very much a family business, though we employ casual staff during the summer but, whether staff or customer, we enjoy people and love meeting each one of our customers, many of whom have become friends. We started our first shop in Somerset, and moved to Wapping Wharf over 5 years ago now. As we say to people, "What other business is there where customers consistently leave with a smile on their face?" In the trade it is known as the 'fun business' and we agree!

We hope you will come and visit us - we will enjoy meeting and serving you!

Fran & David