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A New Year . . .

Here we are at the start of a New Year. As is norm, we close for the whole of January for our 'Summer' holiday (probably better to rename that actually but, under normal circumstances we use the time to visit our daughter, where it really is summer!).

We presently plan to re-open on Friday 5th February and then every Friday ~ Sunday for February & March (back to normal hours from April). With the current uncertain situation with Covid-19 however we will be revisiting that decision at the end of January with the possibility re-opening may have to be deferred, but we will keep you posted on our website.

With the hope that things will become a little more what we regard as 'normal' by summer we are looking forward to welcoming present and new customers into the shop, but it seems likely the precautions like screens, facemasks and only one group/family in the shop at any one time will persist for a while. Last summer we introduced a 'ticket' system so customers could take a ticket and then wait anywhere they could see the digital display showing the 'next number' outside the shop. This proved very popular with many customers commenting on its merits so, if restrictions are still with us, we plan to use this again.

We are very aware of the need to provide a safe environment for our customers to come into, especially with the new, more virulent, strains of the virus circulating so, to compliment the existing regime of sanitisation, we will also be employing an additional layer regularly throughout each day with a UV sanitising device (used extensively in hospitals to sanitise equipment). We will need to close for a few minutes at intervals during each day to facilitate this so, during busy periods, we hope customers will understand our wish to keep them safe!

So we're really looking forward to seeing you all again and also introducing some new flavours for you to try. Towards the end of last year we changed the recipe for our lovely waffles which have taken them to a new level of light fluffiness and scrumptiousness! We recommend you try them! Our coffee sales have increased over the last few months with several people describing it as 'the best coffee in Bristol,' We think it is - and of course, we are totally unbiased! What we have also had umpteen comments about is also our Signature Hot Chocolate with several customers becoming regular returners! Our way of making such an authentic delight was reinforced during a brief visit to Copenhagen where we were served Hot Chocolate made the same way in a very nice coffee house (it reinforced our belief that the Danes know how to do things properly)!

We wish you a safe, prosperous and sunny year - with many trips to Wapping Wharf!

David & Fran

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