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Peering into Post-lockdown . . .

The wet, windy weather is slowly surrendering to warmer, drier days and we are looking forward to the coming summer season which, hopefully, will see an increasing return to what used to be 'normal' for us all!

Here at Oliver's we are gearing up by reviewing our inventory of flavours, which means looking at introducing some new ones (Oreo & Butterscotch being two)) and saying goodbye to a few which have run their course.

Over the last year we have also been experimenting with a few flavours especially made with Vegans in mind, so we have introduced Mint Choc and Salted Caramel, both if which we make with Oat Milk, and we will introduce further flavours as the year goes on. So far, both of these flavours have solicited very positive feedback, for which we are grateful.

We have also changed our waffle recipe for a lighter, less sweet product (the ice cream and toppings compensate for that!), and have also introduced a new Ferrero Rocher look-alike waffle which is proving very popular.

Orders for our Ice Cream Cakes are also ramping up and here are a few of our latest offerings

Each cake is made to order - more information is given on our website - and, apart from the sizes, no two are the same. If you have a special event coming up why not order one for that? The website gives guidance on how many portions each size gives, and costings.

When Covid-19 broke last year we introduced a ticket system (like supermarket delis have) so people could wait somewhere they felt safe and didn't involve standing in a queue. This proved very popular with customers and we will be utilising it again this year, not just because of Covid, but because people preferred the 'no queue' aspect - and could also get to see when their turn was approaching!

We look forward to seeing our 'regulars' again and also those who are visiting us for the first time. Which reminds me, we have also changed our Loyalty Scheme for one which doesn't require you to carry a card or have an app on your phone (though there is an app for those who like them!). Points are kept on the till and you will receive an email after each visit showing how many points you have accrued. I don't know why I'm encouraging this really as it is a better deal than the previous one for our customers so its costing us more. But actually its worth it if for no other reason than we enjoy seeing the joy on people's faces when we tell them they can claim a free ice cream! if you are one of our regulars and haven't yet signed up its worth doing so. You can sign up in the shop, or online using this link to download the app - and search for Olivers Ice Cream.

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